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ShapeQuest announces a new process to enable full stereo matching of features from digital images.

The process utilizes ShapeCapture software. Once the model is registered and a specialized calibration applied the software allows for stereo matching of matched features. This enables for high resolution point cloud data down to the pixel level for images that have texture details. Point cloud resolution can be acquired at a higher resolution of most laser scanners and of course the higher accuracy of the photogrammetric bundle solution. ShapeQuest has worked closely with Innovmetric software PolyWorks one of the worlds leading package for handling point cloud data. The ShapeCapture modules can be read into a texture capture utility along with a PolyWorks pol format file for high resolution texture maps. This will be offered as a service for ShapeCapture users, ShapeCapture will be able to send data files to us for post processing. Our full lines of targeted pattern projectors are available for precise industrial applications and areas of un-textured surfaces

Example of stereo matching process:

ShapeQuest receives multiple orders in March for the updated ShapeMonitor system:

ShapeQuest has been awarded contracts to deliver four fully implemented ShapeMonitor systems to the University of California San Diego and the University of Waterloo located in Ontario Canada. This follows the selection of the ShapeCapture system, with a multi-user software license with cameras for Carleton University of Ottawa, Canada CIMS facility (Carleton Immersive Media Studio) in the fall of 2004. ShapeCapture and ShapeMonitor is in use by universities in over 29 countries. The UCSD ShapeMonitor systems are a specialized system with modified computers allowing for a new generation 2 mega pixel digital cameras to have the capability of capturing and computing data at throughput speeds of 30 frames per second for use in the earthquake research facility. The systems for the university of Waterloo will provide for precise measurement support in the area of robotics.


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