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ShapeScan_PW™ ShapeQuest new out of the box scanner solution. Simply plug it into you computer and start scanning. The Intelligent Software will Create 3D Models and Generate Accurate Point Cloud Data from Digital Images or Structured white Light Scanning. It offers the best of all worlds, Scan it, Image it, or Do Both.

The ShapeScan_PW is ideal for reverse engineering and comes bundled with the new Polyworks 2014.

The robust design enables it to be used in harsh environments.

  • Configurable with usb 3 cameras currently 5mp
  • Optional grip with trigger release to allow scanning larger objects in paint mode
  • Intelligent projector connection and pattern generation
  • Ability to use structure light scanning, or image based passive scanning "Do Both"
  • Powerful software for meshing and alignment
  • Full color texture scans






290 x 100 x 50 mm



.950 gr



.030 to .100 mm


Data Capture mediun scan

.15 ms


Data Capture High Res scan

1 sec



.007 to .001 mm


Scan Distance

500 mm to 1 meter


Field of View

217.0 x 163 mm near

330 x 248 mm far

Everything you need for accurate image based scanning all in one package.


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ShapeScan Versions: 4.12 and V4.5

ShapeScan SM™ The Intelligent Software to Create 3D Models and Generate Accurate Point Cloud Data from digital images or Structured white light scanning. It offers the best of all worlds, Scan it, Image it, or Do Both. The hybrid dense pixel stereo matching capabilities can produce large point cloud sets with higher accuracy than laser scanning at mid distances. Imagine this type of capability using a hand held digital camera, images are capture in an instant vs. scanning time.

The ShapeScan_SM V4.12 includes white light scanning capabilities. V4.5 uses passive image based stereo matching only. It also incorporates more matching features and allows for rotoscope of areas to be matched and is offered at a lower price. SKU 02000/02001 (Includes ShapeCapture Suite)


You can also use use the ShapeScan camera mounting hardware for DSM dense stereo matching in fact you can cycle scan methods during the scan process. Since the cameras are registered, you can scan objects in DSM in less than a second. ShapeScan suite allows for the use of a target template for automatically registering the images, and calibration, there is no need for placing targets around any object and registering the images in this mode. The suite is bundled with PolyWorks modeler.

The ShapeScan_SM Suite is the only system available that will work with multiple scanning solutions including, Image based, Structured white Light and Laser scanning. A first for the Industry.

Special Pricing for all modules including structured light and image base matching

Includes ShapeCapture Suite, ShapeGauge, Organizer ShapeScan ShapePattern, ShapeTexture, and PolyWorks Macros.




The ShapeScan_SM system is the most capable and versatile software package available for 3D scanning using digital imagery.

For further information please reference the ShapeCapture Suite video

ShapeCapture Suite video

ShapeCapture Suite movie that shows the capabilities of the ShapeCapture Suite. Download movie


ShapeGauge: is bundled with the ShapeCapture Suite and can also run as a standalone product.

ShapeGauge utilizes the proven, and accurate ShapeCapture photogrammetry bundle solution for accurate registration of the images.

ShapCapture/ShapeGauge continues to be the leading software package for accurate 3d measurement and modeling. ShapeCapture, is in use in over 32 countries. ShapeCapture/ShapeGauge offers accurate measurement (first order), and interfacing to compatible technologies.

It is a very affordable support tool for any type of 3d measurement and support for any type of 3D scanning process.

ShapeGauge provides the capability for 3D Measurement from images, Camera Calibration, 3D Coordinate Measurement, Photogrammetry, Automatic Target Extraction and Stereo Matching. Coordinate Transformation between scanning systems and Viewing 3d polygonal mesh files.


SKU 02002




ShapeTexture_A™: The ShapeTexture program applies textures to polygon mesh files automatically. Polygon groups are created automatically with seam blending, the system allows for use of large image sets. It uses a photogrammetric bundle solution for registration data or IMU information. It will work with any type of scanner including all Lidar systems.

SKU 02003



ShapeScan Scanner™



The ShapeScan DSLR is one of our new generation scanners. The ShapeScan_SM DSLR Scanner achieves high resolution scanning with a structured white light scanning source. It can be configured with most DSLR cameras and point resolution up to 18 million points. The system is configured automatically within the ShapeScan_SM module where you have the option to image or scan the object. Scan time ranges from .03 sec to 2 seconds to acquire millions of points. With accuracy of .025 to .100 mm (.001 to .004")


The Stereo cameras approach with or without a projection device allows for very accurate and quick scanning on nearly any type of object within shorter distances of 1 to 5 meters.


The system will work with any type of DLP projector including small handheld LED models. Also enclosed cases are available for projector and cameras. Since the scanning ability is built into the base ShapeScan_SM system you have an option of ordering a turn key system, tripod, cameras, housing, and projector for a total solution. ShapeQuest Inc. provides full system integration, with installation, and training for ShapeCapture, ShapeTexture, ShapeScan and PolyWorks.


The mounting hardware system can also be ordered separately without cameras or projector when you place an order for the ShapeScan_SM software. The camera mounts are fully adjustable for various base lengths for scanning from .5 meters to 7 meters. The DSLR scanner can be used for stationary objects, for human faces or full body scans but should not be used for moving objects. For this you will require changing out the DSLR cameras for our locked higher frame rate camera link cameras. The ShapeScan automatically senses this and will run the data.


The mounting hardware can also be used for DSM dense stereo matching in fact you can cycle scan methods during the scan process. Since the cameras are registered, you can scan objects in less than a second. The ShapeScan suite allows for the use of a target template for automatically registering the images and auto camera calibration, there is no need for placing targets around any object and registering the images.


The ShapeScan_SM is accessible to virtually any user. Even at a lower price point, it is able to capture large amounts of data at a more rapid pace and with greater ease than most competing systems. Although you can use any type of camera, we recommend you not use small format point and shoot cameras, we recommend using DSLR cameras from Nikon or Canon or other brands that you will allow for computer control. If you are looking at using lower end cameras you might consider using a lower price, less accurate scanning software package rather than using the ShapeScan_SM suite.

The ShapeScan system also support wireless operation of the cameras and image transfer from cameras, it is also IPAD compatible data acquisition and pattern generation can be made with the Ipad.

Please Note: The ShapeScan_SM system is not dependent on using more than one camera or projection device. In the majority of cases depending on the subject to be scanned only one camera is used as one can move around the subject, We can support a single camera mounted on aircraft, boats or vehicles. especially with our RTK/IMU approach for larger mapping projects.



You also have the option to utilize machine vision or motion picture cameras for scanning for modeling dynamic objects and scenes. The system can work with Red Epic Digital cinema cameras and any machine vision cameras such a camera link, GigE, or USB (please review the camera section from the ShapeMonitor information)


SKU 04002

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Camera Projector Mounts

The ShapeScan Scanner camera projector hardware mounts. It can support multiple cameras and can support one or more projectors. Heavy Duty Tripod head and geared tripod to support up to 26.5 pounds (12kg).

SKU 04002M



Flash Projector


The flash projector can accommodate Canon, or a Nikon Lens and a standard flash. You can generate the pattern required from the ShapeCapture Suite for use with the projector.


Requires no AC power
Can be fired remotely
Images can be transferred wirelessly


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PolyWorks the industry-standard point-cloud inspection and reverse-engineering software for automotive and aerospace, including processing data obtained from any short-range, mid-range, or long-range 3D scanners. PolyWorks uses high-density point clouds to measure and control the quality of castings/dies/molds.V12 software and is offered in a 32 and 64 bit version for large data sets and the use of unlimited memory. It also has a new cluster solution for meshing large point clouds over a computer network, New hole filling technology that surpasses all existing products and New improved fitting of NURBS surfaces to list a some of the new updates. PolyWorks also offers a unique reverse-engineering module that produces class A polygonal models and rapid NURBS surfaces that are the most usable in CAD/CAM/CFD/FEA software suites 

Combine digitized polygonal models and CAD models

• Dynamically construct surface patches in real time by laying down curves on polygonal models
• Maintain perfect curvature/tangent continuity (G2/G1) in areas where patch topology is rectangular
• Create N-sided patches and T-junctions in areas where multiple master surfaces blend 
• Benefit from the enhanced surface smoothness of the new PolyWorks surface-fitting engine

SKU 05001

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Note: PolyWorks is normally bundled in the ShapeCapture Suite






ShapeMonitor software is used with higher frame rate cameras and is used for accurate 3d target measurement of dynamic scenes where there are hundreds or thousands of frames that need to be read automatically.

You can uses most digital machine vision cameras such as camera link, GigE, or USB

The dual cameras can also used for the ShapeScan_Scanner.

SKU 02005

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Please contact us regarding our distributor, reseller and educational pricing.



Contact us for pricing and information for other camera models or lens combinations not posted.

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