ShapeQuest Inc. NEW ShapeScan_PW scanner announced:

ShapeScan_PW ShapeQuest new out of the box scanner solution. Simply plug it into you computer and start scanning. The Intelligent Software will Create 3D Models and Generate Accurate Point Cloud Data from Digital Images or Structured white Light Scanning. It offers the best of all worlds, Scan it, Image it, or Do Both.

The ShapeScan_PW is ideal for reverse engineering and comes bundled with the new Polyworks 2014.

New! ShapeScan_SM V4.5 Runs on a new 64 bit process algorithm to provide for optimum speed and to handle larger data sets from newer higher resolution cameras. ShapeScan_SM V4.5 also offers expanded editing, and region of Interest tools and rotoscope of image details.

The ShapeCapture Suite™ supports all 3D scanners and photogrammetric survey data sets. The suite is the main control package for the ShapeQuest Software and hardware product line, ShapeGauge, ShapeCapture, ShapeScan, ShapeTexture, ShapePattern and Innovmetric PolyWorks /Modeler point cloud and reverse engineering software.

The ShapeCapture Suite Version 3.0 is currently the first and only system that can work with all forms of scanned data. The Software offers the best of all worlds, Scan it, Image it, or Do Both, create 3d models and generate point cloud data sets with hand held standard digital cameras.

ShapeCapture Suite is fully integrated with PolyWorks it can run as a standalone or from within PolyWorks.

ShapeCapture suite has been expanded to utilize the New Survey module for PolyWorks and can utilize the powerful survey tool set.

The user can create and change the user interface including themes. The suite controls the software as modules and all modules can be opened and can interrelate with each other.

From color scanning, dense stereo matching, creating, merging and editing polygon mesh data and creation of high resolution texture maps on scanned meshed data from any source.

The ShapeScan_SM also allows you to use Structured White Light Scanning and Image based Dense Stereo Matching. You can even do both simultaneously. A first for the Industry.

Image sets can be read automatically. Now you can acquire Scan data from the ShapeScan white light scanners, and Images for Dense Stereo Matching, or even High speed scans of moving objects the software is “image intelligent” it will identify the process and generate the point cloud data, a first for the industry.

The ShapeScan software works in the ShapeCapture Suite version and works directly with PolyWorks point cloud software as a plug-in or you can access the powerful PolyWorks features inside the ShapeCapture Suite.

This takes advantage of new features in PolyWorks that allows us to merge digitized and CAD polygonal models through surface stitching or volumetric Boolean operations Benefit from the enhanced surface smoothness of the new PolyWorks V12 surface-fitting engine

ShapeTexture V3.5 has its memory model expanded to allow for larger data sets, and for expanded use of single images, expanded integration to the updated ShapeCapture Suite and PolyWorks Survey module.

Version 12 of PolyWorks delivers dramatically enhanced usability. Released for 32 and 64 bit platforms, it is the world’s #1 dimensional control and point cloud engineering solution in the manufacturing community is more flexible, more universal, and more powerful than ever. It continues to be upgraded with more advanced features and all our software now directly call and runs within the PolyWorks Workspace.