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We are pleased to announce that Hing Cheng has joined ShapeQuest Inc. to lead in R&D projects.

He has been in charge of about 40 research projects for industries, universities and research organizations. Over half of which are in 3D imaging, 2D & 3D image processing and geometric modeling, using mathematics, artificial intelligence, optimization and computing techniques. He authored 1 patent ("low-contrast silhouette extraction") and 2 pending patents ("Stripe Technology" and "multi-set point matching"), as well as over 35 innovative algorithms for aligning, stitching, multi-texturing, object recognition, flattening, segmentation, NURBS generation, trimming & patching, stereo matching, offsetting, volume estimation, mesh fairing, subdivision, simplification & resampling, as well as aligning and stitching for a large number of large images.

Applications include CAD/CAM for prosthetics & orthotics, NRC Biris scanner rectification & registration, scoliosis patient imaging, radiotherapy patient positioning, industrial reverse engineering, stamped metal inspection, portrait crystal engraving, as well as for solving custom problems like excavation of partially buried dirty objects. 
He has 32 years supervisory and project management experience. He received B.Sc.(Hon.) in Mathematics and Physics from University of Hong Kong in 1970, and Graduate Diploma in Computer Studies (first in class) from University of Melbourne in 1990. From 1990 to 1995 he did part-time postgraduate research in Mathematical Programming and Computational Geometry, and published 4 papers in Operations Research.

New ShapeScan_SM Scanner

ShapeQuest will be releasing its new 3D scanner the ShapeScan SM utilizing the latest in Stripe technology. The ShapeScan_SM scanner is our new generation scanner. It replaces the StarCam scanner and incorporates the modular features of the ShapeMoniitor system, high resolution image sensors, pixel locking, and speed. The sealed and hardened enclosure system designed for access to the vision hardware and add-in options that extend its application horizons.

The ShapeScan_SM scanner offers up to 5 times the point resolution of the previous StarCam system, higher accuracy and near real time rates. The ShapeScan_SM  provides rapid capture and processing of 3D digital images, supports color imaging in studio or field environments.

The ShapeScan_SM scanner is ideal for reverse engineering, scanning artifacts, clothing, head forms facial features, and architectural components combined with the ShapeCapture suite any size object can modeled with high accuracy.

New ShapeCapture SM Suite

ShapeQuest News, Spring 2007

ShapeQuest will be releasing major software updates and new releases this quarter. This follows a very exciting year with our ShapeCapture StarCam suite with sales to major corporations such as oil, automotive, and the movie and gaming industry in addition to our world wide sales.

The New ShapCapture V6.0 SM suite is released with pixel stereo matching capabilities, this process used on the right subjects can produce large point cloud sets with higher accuracy than laser scanning at mid distances. Imagine this type of capability using a hand held digital camera, images are capture in an instant vs scanning time and all the features of ShapeCapture measurement and 3d modeling.

ShapeCapture V6 EP
New ShapeCapture SM Suite

ShapeCapture V6.0 EP expands the modeling capability of the ShapeCapture program it continues to be the leading software package for accurate 3d measurement and modeling. ShapeCapture, is in use in over 29 countries. It offers the best of both worlds accurate measurement, detailed 3d modeling, and interfacing to compatible technologies.

ShapeCapture V6.0 EP new release offers a enhanced bundle solution along with more 3D modeling tools and interface to compatible technologies. Some updates include; updated bundle solution, 3D cloning feature An updated and expanded user's manual and examples. Ability to work with laser scanner data sets, Epipolar line Advanced modeling features, such as automatic block, column and arch creation more automatic 3D point additions. Better data management, such as automatic point numbering and tracking of set numbers.

PolyWorks/Modler V10


PolyWorks is the industry-standard point-cloud inspection and reverse-engineering software. The New PolyWorks V10 software is offered in a 32 and 64 bit version for large data sets and the use of unlimited memory. It also has a new cluster solution for meshing large point clouds over a computer network, New hole filling technology that surpasses all existing products and New improved fitting of NURBS surfaces to list a some of the new updates.

StarCam Surface Suite

New Version of Surface Suite software for the StarCam allows for faster scans, it now offers the option of line or a dot scan or a combination of both. A face view scans can be scanned in .17 seconds. The default settings for Stripes measures almost 7.5 times more points than the default Dots setting, plus it is much faster with a hold-still time of 0.17s per scan. Since the StarCam can be interconnnected (daisychained) multiple units can be controlled within the program so to provide full body shapes or head forms and all are integrated into the ShapeCapture suite for expanded capabilities

ShapeQuest Inc. announces New 3D software suite

ShapeQuest News, January 2006

ShapeQuest Inc. has just released a new 3D hardware and software suite ShapeCapture SC 3D Modeling suite. The new suite offers the best of both worlds accurate measurement, detailed 3D modeling, the largest set of point cloud processing tools and interface to compatible technologies. Any size object can now be measured and modeled in great detail and high accuracy. ShapeCapture SC Suite is bundled with the StarCam 3D scanner, InnovMetric PolyWorks/Modeler™ the leading point cloud reverse engineering software; PolyWorks™ provides the most accurate polygonal representations from digitized point clouds. The ShapeCapture/ShapeTexture software has the capability of creating high resolution texture maps of scanned or stereo match imaged surfaces. The 3D modeling suite will also work with any 3D digital scanner system.


ShapeQuest News, December 2005

ShapeQuest Inc. has developed a new targeting system for long range monitoring and automatic measurement of dynamic structures that interfaces to the ShapeMonitor system. Now any size of structure can be measured dynamically at close or long range. The system utilizes a wavelength filtering system.

New Integrated 3D Scanners

ShapeQuest News, Summer 2005

New Integrated 3D Scanners: ShapeQuest Inc. has integrated two new scanner products to its product line. The StarCam can be used in standalone mode or coupled with the photogrammetric capabilities of ShapeCapture ™ software for increased accuracy and expanded application support. Utilizing accurate photogrammetric established control point’s large objects can be scanned, the system can be moved for scan patches or you can use a rotating base for 360° scans. This makes the system ideal for reverse engineering, scanning artifacts, clothing, head forms and architectural components with standalone accuracies of 100 microns. It also supports extensive data and image processing, including the manipulation of an image in 3D space and the ability to 'stitch' surface images together to create a full 360° 3D profile.

The StarCam can be provided with a calibrated high resolution digital camera and the optional ShapeTexture software for precise high resolution texture mapping of the scanned data.

ShapeQuest announces a new process to enable full stereo matching of features from digital images.

ShapeQuest News, Spring 2005

ShapeQuest announces a new process to enable full stereo matching of features from digital images. The process utilizes ShapeCapture software. Once the model is registered and a specialized calibration applied the software allows for stereo matching of matched features. This provides for the acquisition of a high resolution point cloud data down to the pixel level for images that have texture details. Point cloud resolution can be acquired at a higher resolution of most laser scanners and of course the higher accuracy of the photogrammetric bundle solution. additional information:

ShapeQuest receives multiple orders in March for the updated ShapeMonitor system:

ShapeQuest receives multiple orders in March for the updated ShapeMonitor system: Shapequest was awarded a contract for the delivery of four fully implemented ShapeMonitor computer systems to the University of California San Diego and the University of Waterloo located in Ontario Canada. This follows the selection of the ShapeCapture system, with a multi-user software license with cameras for Carleton University of Ottawa, Canada CIMS facility (Carleton Immersive Media Studio) in the fall of 2004. ShapeCapture and ShapeMonitor is in use by universities in over 29 countries. additional information:

ShapeQuest Inc. awarded a contract to measure a vehicle surface test track;

ShapeQuest Inc. awarded a contract to measure a vehicle surface test track; The data obtained of the track through digital images, will be used to create a virtual track of areas designed for bumps and surface roughness. Data output will be a DEM of approximately 140 million points within accuracies of 1 mm.

Underwater development of a new targeting system and calibration for use underwater with accuracies within the micron range.

ShapeQuest has developed a method and process to apply targeting and precise calibration for underwater applications. In an initial bench mark testing in the United Kingdom In the summer of 2004 we achieved accuracy from a bench mark device of 300 to 500 micron in the object space with the new targeting procedure underwater. Subsequent testing during December of 2004 on actual project applications achieved accuracies within 500 microns rms under water on components.

for further information on New HydroScan

ShapeCapture selected by Carleton University CIMS facility in Ottawa Canada.

ShapeCapture selected by Carleton University CIMS facility in Ottawa Canada. ShapeQuest Inc. has been selected as an Industry software partner by Carleton University CIMS facility, Ottawa, Canada. The CIMS facility selected the ShapeCapture system, with a multi-user software license, cameras and training in the fall of 2004. The ShapeCapture system was selected due to its ability to work with any type of image digital or analogue and its ability to create precise digital 3D models of structures.