Application Areas:

Aerospace Applications:
  • Structural Testing

  • Structural Analysis of Objects Static, Loaded, Unloaded and Dynamic process.

  • Landing Parameter Analysis

  • Quality control of assembly fixtures in Aircraft and Aerospace

  • Deflection Testing of Wings and Landing gear on take off and landing

  • Analysis and Measurement of Aerospace and Aircraft Components

Accident Investigation:

  • Development of certified accurate 3D models for output or for animation purposes.

  • Mapping and measurement of impact marks.

  • Determination of Shear Forces utilizing Photogrammetric Analysis of film data.

  • Mid Air Crash Analysis.

  • Crash scene recording.

  • Detailed object models

Architecture and Archaeology:

  • Structural Analysis

  • Measurement, analysis and mapping of building components

  • Detailed drawings of structures and objects .

  • Mapping of Archaeological Sites

  • Measurement and Analysis of small Artifacts


  • Structural Deformation Studies of Engineering Structures

  • Structural Deformation Studies of Earth Walls and Dams

  • Structural Deformation of Test Objects, Rail lines, and Piles

  • Measurement of Radar Antennas

  • Mapping of Sites and Structures

  • Mapping Structural Members

  • Building Deformation Analysis

  • Structural Analysis of Objects Static, Loaded, Unloaded and Dynamic process.

  • Vibration Analysis of Equipment

  • Large Scale Mechanics Testing

  • Quality Assurance for Large Turbine Blades and Assemblies

  • Quality Assurance Programs for Aeronautical and Marine Applications

  • Deformation Analysis of Large and Small Mechanical Components

  • Slope Stability Monitoring

  • Geological Mapping

  • Measurement and Analysis of Mining Equipment and Facilities

  • Underwater measurement of ships components and structural platforms.

Entertainment Industry:

  • 3D modeling of props or scenes

  • 3D Face replacement for digital doubles

  • 3D Dimensionality of scenes


  • Precise 3D models of Crime Scenes with Animation's.

  • Camera Calibration and Lens Distortion

  • Analysis of Impact marks.

  • Skin Imprint Analysis

  • Measurement and Mapping of Crime Scenes.

  • Blood Splatter Analysis

  • Crime Scene Reconstruction


  • Mapping of body surfaces
  • Near real-time measurement of body surfaces

  • Automated measurement of body surfaces

  • 3D UltraSound