ShapeScan_SM Scanner:

ShapeScan_SM scanner: ShapeCapture Scanner Suite has a proven track record with traditionally difficult 3D subjects, including people, underwater, foam, multiple textures, and translucent objects. The ShapeQuest ShapeCapture Suite has been sold to major corporations and is in use internationally in the areas of Automotive, Oil Companies, movie and the computer game industry.

The ShapeScan_SM scanner is our new generation scanner. It replaces the StarCam and incorporates the modular features of the ShapeMoniitor system, high resolution image sensors, pixel locking, and speed. The sealed and hardened enclosure system designed for access to the vision hardware and add-in options that extend its application horizons. You can also remove and mount the cameras or any type of video rate camera to the mounting hardware in fact you can mound both the DLSR and the video rate cameras depending on you application.


The ShapeScan_SM system allows you to use Structured White Light Scanning or Image based Dense Stereo Matching.

You can even do both simultaneously, A first for the Industry.



The ShapeScan_SM scanner offers up to 5 to 11 times the point resolution of the previous StarCam system, higher accuracy and near real time rates. The ShapeScan_SM  provides rapid capture and processing of 3D digital images, supports color imaging in studio or field environments, and has a multi-camera configuration for full 360° imaging, including full body scans.

The system allows for multi scan solutions for stationary objects and for moving objects. It will capture full data sets at .033, .016 seconds moving, and 2 seconds for stationary objects.

The system hardware can be ordered with ShapeScan_SM_Scanner since the ShapeScan software supports all scan modes including high speed scanning. For a total solution, ShapeQuest Inc. provides full system integration, with installation, and training for ShapeCapture, ShapeTexture, ShapeScan and PolyWorks.

The ShapeScan_SM is accessible to virtually any user. Even at a lower price point, it is able to capture large amounts of data at more rapid pace and with greater ease than most competing systems.

The ShapeScan_SM system is a modular system and can be configured for various scan distances from .5 meters to 7 meters.

The ShapeScan_SM DSLR Scanner: can be configured with most DSLR cameras and achieves full point resolution of the image sensor from 12 to 36 million points in full color with most new generation cameras. The DSLR scanner utilizes the Stripe technology to achieve high resolution scanning with a structured white light source. In addition the DSLR scanner can be used for non scanning mode utilizing the dense stereo matching capabilities the ShapeScan suite allows for the use of a target template for automatically registering the images and auto camera calibration, there is no need for placing targets around any object and registering the images in this mode. You also have an option to remove one of the calibrated cameras from the adjustable base and it can be taken into the field for generating dense point clouds from the camera, providing the optimal in flexibility, as shown in the example gallery:

ShapeScan Examples

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ShapeScan_SM Scanner ™

The ShapeScan_SM scanner is ideal for reverse engineering, scanning artifacts, clothing, head forms, facial features, and architectural components combined with the ShapeCapture suite any size object can modeled from a small object to large objects like buildings or large land surface areas from airborne images, and with the ability to handle tens of million's of 3d points accurately.

The ShapeScan_SM system offer fast and accurate 3D image capture and processing, it can be operated in controlled environments such as studios, or in 'field' environments where lighting and other conditions are uncontrolled. The ShapeScan_SM supports highly accurate image acquisition and measurement for all types of environments, up close or at a distance - a capability that other light-based systems are unable to offer.

The ShapeScan_SM system is a modular system and can be configured for various distance and scanning tasks. Optional high intensity structured white light projection is available. The camera speed with its sub pixel locking allows for high speed digitizing an important feature for facial scans at rates of .033 and .016 of a second. The base system runs on a desktop computer, optionally it can also run on a laptop computer, or can be controlled by an Ipad Tablet.

The ShapeScan_SM is enclosed in a mobile exterior casing making it suitable for applications in a broad range of industries you also have the option of mounting cameras directly on the frame without the enclosure. System options include complete turnkey systems with computer boards, tripod and mounts, and full system calibration, or you order the individual hardware to suite your application or just order the software.

The ShapeScan_SM Software with its speed and its scanning capabilities captures and process its point cloud sets with the power of a 64 bit system. Final editing is completed with its integrated PolyWorks Modeler module or the users own point cloud software set. You have an option of full color scans or color textures can be applied to data after scanning.

Systems performance characteristics ShapeScan_SM Scanner:

  • Fast capture at 32 or 64 fps sub pixel locking 5-16 mega pixel at slower frame rates.

  • Output to 3D printer

  • Fast - capture and process 3D surfaces in seconds.

  • Flexible - capture a wide variety of surfaces in an equally wide range of applications.

  • Batch processing of large data sets.

  • Wireless operation cameras and image transfer from cameras, IPAD compatible

  • Durable and portable

  • Eye safe.

  • Runs on a desktop and laptop/Tablet computer.

  • Works with any type of DLP projector including small handheld LED models. Also enclosed cases are available for projector and cameras.

  • Near IR.

  • High speed shutter system.

  • Color capable.

  • Resolution: up to pixel size of cameras

  • Precision (Repeatability) - 0.001" / 0.025mm.


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